Ray Ban – “NEVER HIDE” Campaign

Ray Ban – “NEVER HIDE”

The Campaign

  • In 2007 Ray Ban launched the NEVER HIDE campaign, a global media plan highlighting Ray Ban’s unique ability to place the Ray Ban wearer at the centre of attention
  • The campaign message was to encourage their target market to be themselves, never pretend or be afraid, stand up for what they believe in and NEVER HIDE!
  • NEVER HIDE kicked off with an interactive project in NYC’s Times Square featuring 12 screens displaying images submitted by Ray Ban wearers who wanted to express themselves honestly and spontaneously
  • A series of YouTube videos followed the launch reinstating the message with fun quirky “short film” ideas
  • Hashtag #NEVERHIDE supported the campaign, featuring on a selection of images and videos on all available social platforms
  • The campaign also featured guerilla style marketing where Ray Ban glasses were put over the eyes of famous celebrities on bill boards around NYC
  • Images were then displayed in a gallery on Ray Ban.com so that the campaign would continue worldwide
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Online asset

The reason why I have chosen this campaign

  • Emotional attachment – This campaign offers quirkiness and emotive messages which are at the forefront of most Ray Ban campaigns. I like their honest approach to marketing instead of the typical “bikini body” adverts making you feel inadequate – this advert serves a purpose of empowerment
  • Striving for the unique – Digital to physical marketing is becoming more popular with big brands but has always been known to feature more commonly with start-up or smaller niche brands. The fact that Ray Ban are doing such campaigns as the bus stop, (pictured below) and the NEVER HIDE campaign, show that there is great flexibility with different budgets and great room for creativity
  •  Not always Product Product Product! I like how Ray Ban doesn’t drive harsh product selling with this campaign, the glasses always look as if they are are “second thought” which I think is extremely clever
Image result for ray ban bus stop

The Ray Ban Bus Stop campaign 

Company Background

  • Ray Ban is the global leader in the premium eyewear market and by far the best selling eye wear brand in the world
  • Founded in 1937 by American company Bausch & Lomb
  • The brand is best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses
  • Now owned by Italian group Luxottica
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NEVER HIDE Asset – The first same sex relationship cast in a marketing campaign

Target Audience

The beauty of sunglasses and especially Ray Ban is that they appeal to both genders allowing for a much larger engagement rate on any single gender campaign. Unisex products are fantastic as each campaign can solely feature the style of product.

The target audience:

  • Male and female ages from 16 through to 50+
  • Fashion conscious individuals
  • From “on trend” youngsters to classic never outdated adults
  • Individuals who like customisation
  • People wanting to express their individuality, creativity and remain true to themselves at all times

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Key Customer insights used

“A non-obvious understanding about your customers, which if acted upon, has the potential to change their behaviour for mutual benefit”

For this campaign and any other, Ray Ban would meticulously look at what drives their target market,to do this they would use analytics, market research and look at competitors to see what they are offering and if they have missed a trick.

Some simple insight basics might be:

What is the Customer Doing? From income levels, jobs, leisure & hobbies etc.

Why are they doing it? Environmental factors, is it trending? Are their friends/ colleagues doing the same?

New / Fresh – Every Insight needs to have a dilemma as without a problem a solution is not needed. So in this campaign, Ray Ban are focusing on the social pressures, confidence issues and individual qualities people may have that they are yet to explore. Ran Ban feel that their glasses can improve and enhance this, making the consumer feel without this product I am not going to be as confident and empowered to improve or be comfortable within myself.

Some other questions could be:

  • What drives our target market?
  • Why should Ray Ban play a role in their life?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What is their journey like?
  • What causes them to come, or to leave?
  • From which devices/sites/apps do they engage with us?

Image result for ray ban never hide

Key Messages of the campaign

Ray Bans campaign messages promote: individuality, courage, uniqueness and difference. They trade heavily on feel good emotive marketing to connect with the target market in a particular and different way.

  • Emotive engagement – Ray Ban encourage the target audience to be proud of who they are, and not change for anybody! Stand up for what they believe in, and most importantly look good whilst doing it. Ray Ban do a great job of creating not just a physical want for the product but making you feel you NEED it
  • Ray Ban encourage their target market to purchase the products as they believe they help people become more individual and unique – enhancing their life
  • Trust the brand – Ray ban wanted to achieve an authentic and real campaign that puts them in touch and create an emotive attachment to their brand. Using their target audience to drive the campaign in videos and pictures highlights the brand wanting to remain “true” and “real” to their market whilst telling them it’s okay to be who they want to be

Effectiveness of creative to carry the messages & how effectively they were integrated?

I believe that the creative to carry the Ray Ban message was extremely well thought out and planned, covering a lot of ground and not straying from the key messaging throughout.

Released in 2007, with predominantly just Facebook, Twitter and Myspace being the leading social media channels, the campaign focused a majority of its creative messages on print such as billboards and posters, magazines and leaflets with the largest portion of their budget being $6 million dollars. Ray Ban also covered; TV advertisements, their own website engagement and guerilla style marketing where Ray Ban placed glasses on billboards and posters around the world in key locations.

I think a big key to the success of this campaign is the subtle non invasive sell / product placement in every creative. Simply “featuring the glasses” in a non-pushy, subtle way making the target market now empowered by the ad but allowing them to explore the detail of creative with just a subtle hint that our glasses will bring out the best in you.

The Ray Ban Website Gallery 

An example of creative was the Ray Ban website gallery, this was created for their target market to share and view each other’s images inline with the message of the campaign with hope to feature on the Ray Ban website. I think this worked really well as it created a domino effect of thousands if not more sharing and taking their own picture supporting the movement thus furthering the engagement once more.

Image result for ray ban never hide website gallery

The Ray Ban NEVER HIDE App

Ray Ban introduced a new smartphone app called NEVER HIDE. The app allowed Ray Ban fans to easily share their ‘NEVER HIDE moments’, allowing them to add special Ray Ban filters to selfies with their soon to be purchased products and post pictures directly on Ray-Ban.com. This further pushed the boundaries of the campaign by dedicating an app and also allowing people to customise photos. This is always a big hit with consumers like NIKE ID, allowing people to put their personal stamp to make it even more unique and increasing the likelihood to buy a bespoke product whilst also reinforcing the message of being yourself and unique – very well thought out. 

Ray Ban Never Hide App Ray Ban Never Hide App

Billboard Creative 

An example of the prime positioning Ray Ban had when running this campaign, not only does this show the level of budget Ray Ban had but it even doubles the meaning behind the campaign message – The billboard size means it is “in your face” not scared to stand out, outlandish and even more thought provoking.

Image result for ray ban never hide bill board

One of many Ray Ban NEVER HIDE TV Advertisements 

NEVER HIDE Media Advertising 

Ray Ban featured their campaign heavily in many magazines such as GQ, Men’s Health, Elle and Rolling Stone. In my opinion in today’s world this type of advertising has to be very well thought out and carry the right message and NEVER HIDE did just that.

Think about the magazines that they featured in, Men’s Health being a prime example of what every modern man aspires to be whilst Elle and other women’s magazines show countless models, expensive clothes and can sometimes leave your self esteem taking a hit.

NEVER HIDE is advertising the opposite with its message, making it capturing, compelling and an extremely well thought out creative option.

Image result for ray ban  advertising


I think the use of consumer participation, videos, pictures, physical marketing all seamlessly complement each other. The images capture a moment, whilst the videos tell more of a story and the guerilla marketing capture excitement in us all.

The creatives were different and thought provoking which made each advert or poster capturing to the audience. Ray Ban really understand their target market when it comes to the creative and promoting it. They cover all areas from the social users (16 -30) and the non digital older generation with billboards, posters and TV adverts.

Results/ proof the campaign was successful

  • The campaign led to over 30k app downloads
  • 16% year on year increase in sales
  • 5th year double digit growth

What, if anything you would have improved?

The campaign represents exactly what I would want to see. I like how “out of the box” and free thinking the creative assets are and how much they stand out from other big brands.

However, I would like to see one or two images that are more repetitive across their campaign that make me instantly remember it as there are so many different TV ads and pictures. I think the message could potentially get lost with such a huge variety of creatives, so I would maybe scale them back slightly.

Social Media Stats 

Facebook: 14m likes Twitter: 487k Instagram: 2.7m Ray Ban Never Hide App: 90k users

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